Certification Revalidation of Coaches Scheme (CRoC)

Updated: 28 Feb, 2023 12:01 pm

coaching badgesAs part of its commitment to continual learning and development, the World Triathlon has developed a process that supports and encourages coaches to maintain their learning and development.

Historically coaches were required to repeat the coaching courses they had completed every 4 years. However, this is an excessive burden on the resources of the World Triathlon, and most coaches who are active will not benefit from repeating the same courses. At the same time, the World Triathlon wishes to gain a better understanding of the practices of coaches and to ensure the quality of coaches within the sport. This process aims to have a solution which is simple, and effective whilst ensuring some consistency amongst coaches. There is a need to match what is desired with what is currently possible with current resources.

The World Triathlon has therefore developed the Certification Revalidation of Coaches (CRoC) Scheme. Initially, this will be a simple self-reporting and semi-automated solution. Over time it may grow and become more interactive. The purpose of the scheme is to encourage and enable the continued development of coaches and to ensure they remain up to date with best practice and guidelines to further enhance the quality, safety and welfare of triathlon coaching worldwide and enhance the further development of the sport. It also provides World Triathlon with a way of assessing the engagement of coaches in best practice. The process will be reviewed and revised annually based upon review and feedback from coaches, and in line with the international best practice where possible.

Impact for coaches

Regular revalidation

Once a coach has completed their qualification, they are automatically given coach certification which will be valid for 4 years. To maintain this certification validation coaches will be required to successfully complete an annual update for each of these 4 years. After completing all 4 years they will then gain revalidation. The same process is provided for Level 1 and Level 2 coaches.

For full details see the World Triathlon Certification Revalidation of Coaches Scheme Guide in the Coach Education Documents section.

Revalidation of expired certificates

From 2023 World Triathlon continuously provides a revalidation opportunity to coaches who previously benefited for free from the World Triathlon Coach Education but for some reason they could not maintain their certification. The successful completion of the fully online revalidation e-course on the World Triathlon Education & Knowledge HUB will bring them back to the World Triathlon Coaching Pathway. These opportunities are pay-based that can be covered by individuals or their respective National Federations. The full amount of these e-courses will be reinvested in Coaching Education.

    Revalidation of World Triathlon Coach Certifications pre-2014”: a pay-based opportunity for those, who were already assessed and certified (and are hopefully active since their initial certifications before 2014), to become familiar with the Education & Knowledge HUB, refresh and complement what they learned during their previous course(s), and become familiar with those content elements, which have been developed and added since the introduction of the current education system.
    Revalidation of Expired World Triathlon Coach Certifications”: another single, pay-based opportunity for individuals with expired post-2014 certificates to get them back on track, with the firm intention to bring those who missed any parts of the current CRoC process to the same level as where coaches are, who followed up regularly as required.

Applications for both non-regular revalidations detailed above are available on this link. In case you don’t have an account on the World Triathlon Education & Knowledge HUB yet, please follow these instructions first.

The successful completion of the relevant revalidation e-course on the World Triathlon Education & Knowledge HUB will bring individuals back to the World Triathlon Coaching Pathway.