National Federation Survey (About)

Updated: 27 Sep, 2023 03:14 pm

The World Triathlon National Federation Survey is being carried out every year to provide a better understanding of affiliated members. The data that we can collect from the survey has been invaluable for us as we track the sport’s development across the five continents and see how best to allocate the resources necessary to continue its growth. With this information, we will be in an even better position to help our National Federations through our own programmes as well as tapping into external funding such as Olympic Solidarity from the IOC. We want to offer the best opportunities for our athletes, coaches, and technical officials to reach their potential and our member organisations, whether through improving administrative efficiencies, hosting National Championships or connecting with other federations. We are acutely aware that National Federations of all sizes and stature have particular and individual needs, so we want to be able to see the picture of World Triathlon as clearly as possible. The National Federation Survey is an excellent tool for all of us as National Federations, Continental Confederations and World Triathlon to orientate our own resources to develop triathlon more effectively.

The aim of this survey is to get a comprehensive picture about the development, background and infrastructure of member federations along eight different domains:

  • Administration, Management & Governance
  • Gender Equity
  • Anti-Doping
  • Development
  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Technical Officials & Events
  • Marketing, Media, Communication

Two methods of data collection
According to the nature of the examined KPIs and to get the most accurate picture about the NFs, we use dual inputs to the assessment process:
1. National Federation Survey in 3 languages (English, Spanish, French) with using online Survey Gizmo form
2. Data Collection from various World Triathlon databases and the back-end (Technical Officials, Coaches, Facilitators, Paratriathlon Classifiers, Events, Results, etc.).

World Triathlon National Federation Groups
Based on their survey responses and historical data National Federations form different groups representing their levels of development.

NF GroupDescription
0Non-affiliated or outdated affiliation or non-active National Federation.
1Established National Federation.
2Established and functioning National Federation with a long-term Strategic Plan, hosting a triathlon or multisport National Championships minimum in every second year.
3BWell established and functioning NF with Grassroots Development, Youth Continental Event participation and hosting triathlon and multisport National Championships on an annual basis.
AWell established and functioning NFs with Development Programs, Youth, Junior and U23 Continental Event participation and hosting various triathlon, multisport and team relay National Championships.
4Developed NF, Structured Education Program, Continental Class Athletes in all ages and hosting a Paratriathlon National Championships.
5Developed with High-Performance Programmes, World Class Athletes, World Triathlon Accredited Education Systems, High Gender Equity, World Triathlon Sanctioned Event Hosting.

Meeting the below KPIs are strict criteria to achieve Group 5. If any of these KPIs are missed, an NF cannot get Group 5 recognition regardless of the overall result of the survey.
- Minimum 25 % of female EB members
- World Triathlon Accredited Coaches Education Programme (ACEP)
- World Triathlon Accredited NF Technical Officials Education Programme (ATOEP)
- At least one continental or world-class event’s development
- Having qualified for the latest Paralympic Games

National Federations Survey Reports:
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National Federation Services & Development Meeting Presentations
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