2017 Chengdu ITU Triathlon World Cup

06 - 07 May, 2017 • Jintang, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, China
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Event Information:

Water temperature: Wetsuit Possible
Semifinal Number of laps:1 Lap,750m/Lap
Final Number of laps:1 Lap,400m/Lap
Elite: Pontoon Diving Start
Conditions: Inland Lake

Semifinal Number of laps: 3 Laps,6.67km/Lap
Final Number of laps:3 Laps,3.4km/Lap
Conditions:Asphalt, some hills and corners.

Semifinal Number of laps: 2 Laps,2.5km/Lap
Final Number of laps:2 Laps,1.25km/Lap
Asphalt, flat

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 7,500 USD
2nd. 6,000 USD
3rd. 4,500 USD
4th. 3,000 USD
5th. 2,100 USD
6th. 1,800 USD
7th. 1,500 USD
8th. 900 USD
9th. 675 USD
10th. 525 USD
11th. 450 USD
12th. 375 USD
13th. 300 USD
14th. 225 USD
15th. 150 USD

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Athletes Briefing:

Briefing date, time: 18:00, May 4
Briefing location: Chengdu Jintang Hengda Hotel
Pasta party location: Chengdu Jintang Hengda Hotel
Pre-race press conference location: Chengdu Jintang Hengda Hotel

Event Schedule

Date (17/05/04)
17:00-18:00     Registration for Elite Athletes Briefing-Hengda Hotel
18:00-19:00 Semifinal Race Briefing(Elite)-Hengda Hotel
19:00-19:30 Race Package Distribution(Elite)-Hengda Hotel
After Race Briefing Pasta party-Hengda Hotel

Date (17/05/05)
09:00-10:00 Elite Cycling Course Familiarization-Bike Course,assembing place:Transition zone
10:00-11:00 Elite Swimming Course Familiarization-Swim Course
15:00-16:00 Pre-race press conference-Hengda Hotel

Date (17/05/06)
07:30-08:30 Elite Men Athletes lounge check in
08:00-08:45 Elite Men Transition zone check in
08:15—08:45 Swimming warm up
08:45-09:08 Swimming warm up SF2
08:45-09:31 Swimming warm up SF3
08:20—08:50 Opening Ceremony
08:55       Elite Men presentation—Semifinal Round 1-Swim Exit
09:00       Elite Men—Semifinal Round 1 Start
09:18       Elite Men presentation—Semifinal Round 2-Swim Exit
09:23       Elite Men—Semifinal Round 2 Start
09:41       Elite Men presentation—Semifinal Round 3-Swim Exit
09:46       Elite Men—Semifinal Round 3 Start
10:00-11:00 Elite Women Athletes’ lounge check in
10:30-11:15 Elite Women Transition zone check in
10:45-11:15 Swimming warm up
11:15-11:37 Swimming warm up SF2
11:15-12:10 Swimming warm up SF3
11:25       Elite Women presentation—Semifinal Round 1-Swim Exit
11:30       Elite Women—Semifinal Round 1 Start
11:52       Elite Women presentation—Semifinal Round 2-Swim Exit
11:57       Elite Women—Semifinal Round 2 Start
12:19       Elite Women presentation—Semifinal Round 3-Swim Exit
12:24       Elite Women—Semifinal Round 3 Start
18:00-20:00 Race packages distribution for the finals-Hengda Hotel

Date (17/05/7)
07:00-08:00 Elite Men& Women Athletes lounge check in-Final B
07:30-08:00 Elite Men& Women Transition zone check in -Final B
07:45-08:05 Swim warm up-Final B Men
08:25-08:50 Swim warm up-Final B Women
08:10       Elite Men presentation—Final B-Swim Exit
08:15       Elite Men—Final B Start
09:00       Elite Women presentation—Final B-Swim Exit
09:05       Elite Women—Final B Start
08:35-09:35 Elite Men& Women Athletes lounge check in-Final A
09:25-09:55 Elite Men& Women Transition zone check in-Final A
09:35-09:55 Swimming warm up-Final A Men
10:15-10:35 Swim warm up-Final A Women
10:00 Elite Men presentation—Final A-Swim Exit
10:05 Elite Men—Final A Start
10:45 Elite Women presentation—Final A-Swim Exit
10:50 Elite Women—Final A Start
11:30 Awards Presentation for Elites
18:00 Final Banquet-Hengda Hotel

Date (17/05/08)
Before 12:00 Departure

Closest Airport

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

Visa requirements:
Please fill the Visa Invitation Form and send back to Mr.Yang fei,Email:chengdu2017loc@163.com,you can download the form in” Documents”.
For visa application, please provide the following information and Passport Copy for each applicant
1. All information must be coincident with the Passport.
2. Passport’s Date of Expiry must be at least 6 months ahead.
Family name
Given name
Birth Date
Passport Number
Applying from

A visa invitation will be provided basing on the information provided,
with which you will be able to apply for the visa easily and quickly.

Local Transportation

We will be provided free local transportation for elite athletes and coaches
Please fill the Personal and flight information for local transportation and send back to LOC contact person,the form you can download in “Documents”.
LOC contact person for airport Transfers:
Mr. Yang Fei
Email: chengdu2017loc@163.com
Mobile Phone: +86-13348995603

Host Hotel

Hotel name :Chengdu Jintang Hengda Hotel
Address: 555#, Jinfeng Road, Jintang County, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Tel: +86-028-8458 8888
联系电话:028—8458 8888
Contact: Quan Wei
Tel:+86 18080901652
Fax: +86-028-8402 2222
传真:  028—8402 2222
Website: cdjt.hengdahotels.com

Hotel Rates:
Standard Room:75 USD, (include breakfast).
Lunch:18 USD/person
Supper: 23 USD/person

  • Technical Delegate
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  • Event Contact
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  • Phone
  • Address

    Chengdu Sport Institute, Tiyuan Road 2 #, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

Event Videos

2017 Chengdu ITU Triathlon World Cup - Elite Women's Highlights
While she is no stranger to winning, Great Britain’s Non Stanford and former ITU World Triathlon Series World Champion of 2013 has never won a World Cup race in her career, until today. The Brit earned her first career WC gold after surviving two days of racing at the 2017 Chengdu ITU Triathlon World Cup in her first WC race since 2011.