World Triathlon launches the 2021 Athlete Scholarship Programme

by Olalla Cernuda on 24 Mar, 2021 12:11 • Español
World Triathlon launches the 2021 Athlete Scholarship Programme

World Triathlon is proud to announce the opening of applications for the 2021 Athlete Scholarship Programme, meant to identify and provide support, resources and expertise to athletes from developing or emerging National Federations (NF Groups*: 2, 3B, 3A) with the greatest needs in order to help them compete at Continental and World level over the Olympic Qualification Period and help their preparation and qualification for the upcoming Olympic Games and beyond.

(*Note: for NF Groups please visit National Federation Survey  and NF Survey 2019 report)

Athletes selected for the World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship Programme will be carefully ‘placed’ in a programme commensurate with their specific needs in the interest of their progressive development to an elite level. Placements will vary in duration and form depending on the specific outline of the programme developed by the NF in conjunction with the World Triathlon Development deemed to be conducive to the athlete’s development needs.

The target group will be athletes from developing National Federations who have already shown competence at a Continental and World level and are looking to make the step up to top-level training and racing but need support to do so. These athletes should be seen as Olympic prospects (Tokyo 2020 & Paris 2024) by their National Federations. The athletes will be drawn primarily from U23 and elite ranks, but junior athletes can also be considered as part of the next generation for the future.

In order to be eligible and apply for the Scholarship, Athletes must be registered and in good standing with their National Federations and have shown the ability to race at a high standard in Continental and World Cup level competition. The athletes nominated by their National Federations should be committed to competing in the long term and have the Olympic Games as an ultimate objective.

World Triathlon Development will consider the following criteria in the selection process:
• Top 5 placing at Continental Championship in Elite, U23 or Junior category in the past two years among the developing/emerging NFs (NF Groups: 2, 3B, 3A).
• Must be from an emerging/developing National Federation (NF Groups: 2, 3B, 3A).
All applications will be considered in conjunction with a strong endorsement from the athlete’s National Federation.

The applications should be submitted to the World Triathlon Development ( no later than Friday, 9 April 2021. Successful applicants will be informed within a week after the application deadline, and World Triathlon Development will coordinate the plans with the successful athletes and their NFs.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications MUST be submitted by the respective National Federation of the applicant. The National Federation must be in good standing with World Triathlon and submit the annual World Triathlon National Federation Survey.

Successful applicants will receive the following:
• The amount of funding allocated to each athlete depending on the programme outline submitted by the NF for each candidate.

Use of the World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship
The World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship may be used for the following as defined in the athlete’s 2021 planning and approved by World Triathlon Development:
- Participation (travel, accommodation) at qualification races on the way to Tokyo 2020 and beyond
- Training camps
- Massage, Physiotherapy
- Equipment support

Evaluation and Requirements of Recipients
The athletes selected will be tracked for the duration of the placement, and regular reporting will be required from the candidates and their personal coaches.

Athletes who receive a World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship will be required to compete in the Continental Championships (Elite, U23, Junior) and/or the World Championships (U23, Junior) in the year of receiving the scholarship.

All recipients must make themselves available (within reason and without interfering with the athlete’s training, racing or school commitments) for interviews and photo sessions to promote the programme in their own country and internationally.

All recipients must either organise or be involved in a Community or Youth Triathlon Project within their home NF within their scholarship year and submit a detailed report to World Triathlon Development within 2 weeks of the project taking place.

Download the Application Form here.

World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship holders in 2020:

Antoanela MANAC (ROU)
Diego MOYA (CHI)
Mohamad MASO (SYR)
Romina Natali BIAGIOLI (ARG)

World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship holders in 2019:

Antoanela Manac (ROM)
Brian Moya (COL)
Erica Hawley (BER)
Kaidi Kivioja (EST)
Kim Marion Mangrobang (PHI)
Matthew Wright (BAR)
Ognjen Stojanovic (SER)
Tyler Smith (BER)

World Triathlon Athlete Scholarship holders in 2018:

Armando Matute (ECU)
Brian Moya (COL)
Diana Castillo (COL)
Edda Hannesdottir (ISL)
Erica Hawley (BER)
Juan José Andrade Figueroa (ECU)
Kaidi Kivioja (EST)
Matthew Wright (BAR)
Mikita Bely (BLR)
Mikita Katsianeu (BLR)
Ognjen Stojanovic (SER)
Tyler Smith (BER)

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