2012 Photo of the Year Week Eight Result

by Erin Greene on 31 Dec, 2012 10:24
2012 Photo of the Year Week Eight Result

This week’s photo of the year competition, set at the Barfooot & Thompson Auckland Grand Final, was a tight battle between three shots. With elite, junior, U23, age-group and paratriathlon races to select from, Auckland produced an impossible number of beautiful images.

In the end, Charlotte McShane (AUS) fans united to make the photo of her running past the Dexter Energy arch the crowd favourite with 29% of the votes. Tenacious McShane looks as if she’s out for regular practise run despite having just conquered the incredibly difficult Auckland bike course. The photographer’s expert ability to capture her body so clearly against the blurred background makes it almost seem as if McShane is posing for an advertisement rather than running to 12th place.

The second most popular photo this week was a competitor preparing for the grueling race ahead with a splash of the chilly harbour water. His separation from the rest of the competitors, almost all of whom are standing while waiting for the start, shows an athlete focused and intent on his own race plan. Is there anything more intimidating? You decide.

Final Result

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Related Event: 2012 Barfoot and Thompson World Triathlon Grand Final Auckland
20 - 22 Oct, 2012 • event pageall results
Results: Paratriathlon Female TRI-6
1. Susana Rodriguez B2 ESP 01:02:41
2. Melissa Reid B3 GBR 01:03:20
3. Patricia Walsh B1 USA 01:05:15
4. Charlotte Ellis GBR 01:05:51
5. Joleen Hakker B1 NED 01:08:13
Results: Paratriathlon Female TRI-5
1. Patricia Collins USA 01:11:07
2. Danielle Mclaughlin USA 01:11:32
3. Allysa Seely USA 01:17:43
Results: Paratriathlon Female TRI-4
1. Faye Mcclelland GBR 01:02:33
2. Clare Cunningham GBR 01:04:55
3. Claire Mclean AUS 01:08:36
4. Robin Caruso USA 01:11:52
5. Lauren Steadman GBR 01:15:33
Results: Paratriathlon Female TRI-3
1. Jennifer Hopkins CAN 01:08:28
2. Beth Price USA 01:24:45
3. Miriam Jenkins NZL 01:28:34
Results: Paratriathlon Female TRI-2
1. Melissa Stockwell USA 01:22:14
2. Hailey Danz USA 01:26:54
3. Jennifer Clark USA 01:34:23
Results: Paratriathlon Female TRI-1
1. Karen Darke H1 GBR 01:06:58
2. Jane Egan GBR 01:17:40
3. Elizabeth Mcternan GBR 01:19:31
4. Diana Helt USA 01:24:03
5. Erica Davis USA 01:25:35
Results: 80-84 Male AG Sprint
1. Wayne Fong USA 02:44:13
Results: 75-79 Male AG Sprint
1. John Bennetts AUS 01:42:20
2. Alec Hill NZL 01:44:07
3. Mike Ellis CAN 01:48:09
4. Neil Flemming NZL 01:56:00
5. Frank Pearce AUS 01:56:07
Results: 75-79 Female AG Sprint
1. Judith Barfoot NZL 02:06:48
Results: 70-74 Male AG Sprint
1. Brian Boyle NZL 01:30:41
2. Marshall Wakat USA 01:32:48
3. John Gordon NZL 01:35:58
4. Peter Dwyer AUS 01:36:15
5. Arby Kitzman USA 01:38:25
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